All your work in one place

Do you realize all your work is spread in multiple places?
Let's bring all your work in one single place and boost your profile
Let your past find a way to the future.

Colleagues network

So what is huntable?

Huntable is a platform to help you build your profile / resume / CV
into an advanced profile and find the better opportunity.


Your Profile

(Advanced profile with pictures, videos, certificates, achievements and recommendations)

Career network

Career network

(Network with your colleagues, influencers, know person in your industry or any company you want to follow)

Job search engine

Job search engine

(Search from 12 million live jobs from across the world)


Build a profile, create a network and search jobs from across the world.
All in one place.

A revolution in the way you search jobs

In just 2 simple steps - Customise what you want and save - That's it.

We revolutionised job search in 2 simple steps

1. Just specify your skill & the location you are looking for a job
2. And save

Yep - it's that simple.

(Add any no. of skills and locations from across the world.
Live in UK, but planning to go to USA - No problem, just add the location and see the magic.)

Give it a try

Your skill or job title
Preferred location

Why spend hours searching, when the jobs you want come to you?

We are not just another social network

Finally a social platform which helps you to:

Network with your colleagues, friends and companies
Grow your career
Find a better opportunity

We built this product from our painful experience,
So you don't go through the same

John Petter Mac

John Petter Mac

Project Lead

"A new and innovative platform to
help you in your career"

Angilla Julea

   I am a designer, all my work was everywhere in my blogs, website, flikcr, youtube, linkedin,
facebook, twitter. I couldn't manage anymore.
With Huntable I can manage all in one single place  

Angilla Jules

Garment Designer
Robert Gonzalves

   Huntable is an excellent tool to find
the right people. I was able to find and hire
people and with no cost.
We are cutting our recruitment cost now.  

Robert Gonzalves

HR Manager
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