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"Hiring the best is your most important task"

- Steve Jobs

Our job - Is to find you the best hire


We work with companies from startups - to large companies.
in growth mode or constantly in need of top new talents.

Create a Social media Hub for Hiring top talents.

A Brand to build your companies recruitment needs.

Raise the bar for your companies brand.

Don't just give fev reasons for a talent to work for you. Give them 100's

Create a Buzz around your company.

Build your profile now >

From interns to CEO - We got you covered

I'm Hiring

View candidates advanced profile
Message anyone you are interesterd with NO RESTRICTION
Or Chat and do online interview
Don't just get any applicant - get the best.

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Why should some one work for your company?

People want to work for the best company with amazing work culture and great prospectus.

Give 100 reasons why someone should work for you.

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Find top talent easy and fast

Post job for just £5 a job - for job post.
Are you hiring for lot of vacancies - use our PPC model for just £0.10 p a click

Reach the right candidates in less than 2 seconds

How do we do it?

  • Users customise their exact requirement.
  • They customise - What and where they are looking for a job.
  • When you post a job - we send that job by INSTANT notification within seconds

We help companies hire the best talent in two ways.


We provide the platform. You do the Hiring.

  • You post the job or send us jobs by XML
  • You receive the applications
  • Filter them and Hire the best candidate.

Great for easy to fill in positions

Cost - £5 per job or £0.10 p a click

We will do everything for you.

  • Just send us who you are looking for and the job spec.
  • We will work with 1000's of our Recruiter partners.
  • We Post the job and get candidates.
  • We filter the right matching candidate for you.
  • You decide on the candidate - Reject or arrange interview
  • Hire the Best.

Great for hard to fill in positions

Cost = 10% of the candidates annual salary or 1% per month for 12 months.

Are you are specialised recruiter - Partner with us.
Increase your sales by 50%.
We will give you all the tools you need.

View sample company profiles >

Claim your free account and get

£100 worth of FREE job posts

500 clicks credit if sending your jobs by XML feeds

90day money back guarantee

14 million live jobs from 1.5 million companies across the globe.

Why should we use Huntable?

To grow your business, you need TOP talent Our job is to find you the best.

We help you build a employer brand, search and hire people for FREE.

You can Post jobs from as less as £5 or use our PPC model for £0.10 p a click.

Is Huntable another Job board?

No. We are not just a Job board. Huntabel is a social network for recruiters. We help building your companies employer brand.

You can also post jobs, search and hire people.

Imagine the power of social media and Job board intergated as one.

That's Huntable.

How can Huntable help our companeis hiring costs?

We can GUARANTEE to cut your companies hiring costs by 80%.

Yes. You heard that right. 80% cut in hiring cost.

How do we do that?

  • Job post as less as £5 or £0.10p a click.
  • Social network, get more Followers , means more visibility to your brand and your requirement.
  • We partner with top recruiters across the globe, who work with us to find the best talent.
  • Our Innovative recruitmnet application means you can manage all your hiring needs from one palce.

Get started with Huntable

in less than 2 miniutes